About Barca-Leeds

Barca-Leeds is an independent, multi-purpose organisation based in Bramley, West Leeds. We provide specialist services to children, young people, and adults in our community. We support people to overcome a broad range of health and/ or social issues, many of which stem from social deprivation.

Barca-Leeds is committed to safeguarding and protecting all service users.

With our support, many clients are then able to thrive.


Barca-Leeds seeks to share in creating a world in which people and communities thrive and flourish irrespective of circumstances.


To assist and enable children, young people and adults develop their full potential for the benefit of themselves, the community and to promote health, learning and social well-being.


That everyone in Barca-Leeds has an equal responsibility for making sure that everyone who walks through our door is treated with respect, regardless of age, race, gender, religion or lack of religion, and sexual identity.

That Barca-Leeds works to improve the quality of life for the people who use its services, and to ensure that its staff experience the highest level of professional development.

That Barca-Leeds continues to consult, engage and involve the people who uses it services, its staff an the communities it serves to guide our work, our development so that it is always focused on the needs, opportunities and benefit of the neighbourhoods within which we work.

That we seek to connect our services and build strong referral routes to other agencies in order to ensure that no one is turned away without clear access to support what they need.

That within Barca we work as one – while honouring our separate excellences in the services we provide.

That Barca-Leeds works effectively with our partner agencies and those responsible for shaping services in Leeds.

That all who work for Barca-Leeds have a clear understanding of (and commitment to) Barca’s vision in creating a world in which people and their communities thrive, and their part in achieving that.

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