Engage Leeds Goes Live

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Stronger Families Press Release

Please see below press release for Stronger Families

Barca-Leeds Fundraiser

This year Barca-Leeds has 17 people running for the organisation in the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k on Sunday 6th November to raise awareness of our services and to try and raise some additional funds to support some of the most vulnerable people in the city.  The run starts and ends in Millennium Square, Leeds.  We welcome as many supporters as possible to come along and provide support on the day.

Barca-Leeds is a very resourceful charity and any money you could donate, no matter how small, would be truly appreciated and would make a difference to the lives of the clients that Barca-Leeds supports. If you wish to make a donation please visit our just giving page; .  Can I also ask that you share this e-mail with any of your contacts to ensure we have maximum exposure for our team of runners.


West Leeds CLLD (Community Led Local Development) Strategy


The attached document is the West Leeds CLLD (Community Led Local Development) Strategy Document which has now been submitted for formal consideration.

This European funding is designed to help local people who struggle most to get into the labour market.

Leeds City Council and Barca-Leeds will bid for 3 million Euros to support the CLLD strategy in West Leeds. It will focus upon employment and learning and skills projects targetting those who are furthest away from the jobs market.  Any organisation can apply to the CLLD board to deliver work within the scope of the strategy.  All projects will need to provide match funding.  If approved Barca-Leeds will lead or organise the work of the CLLD Board.  This programme is unlikely to be affected by BREXIT.

All Community Led Local Development activity under European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund Operational Programmes must address specific locally identified needs in support of growth at community level. This will be required to focus on interventions that add value to local strategies which cannot adequately be met through mainstream European Structural and Investment Funds programme provision and are more tailored to local area characteristics and need, empowering people across the community and providing longer term sustainable outcomes.


Foot In The Door Training

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 4.35.00 pm
I want to work for a Not-For-Profit organisation.’

‘I want to work for an organisation which supports people who have had problems’ (Perhaps with drink or drugs, Mental Health, homelessness, Domestic Abuse, offending or such like).’

‘I know I’d be good at it, but I can’t get my foot in the door.’

If this is you…

Want to know more?

Please contact Natasha at Barca – or 0113 255 9582 for information.

Next course starting 6 March 2017


Aspirations (Foot in the Door) Training Partner Update

September 2016

The first session of the first ‘Aspirations’ course was delivered at Armley Park Court on 15th September. At the time of writing this update, we have delivered 5 sessions. We are delivering two courses simultaneously – one on a Monday afternoon and one on a Thursday evening – thus allowing a broader access to people with work or child-care commitments.

We had 9 delegates for the first evening session and 13 for the first afternoon session. We have ‘lost’ one delegate so far – due to their work commitments meaning they cannot attend either session.

Delegates are being asked to submit ‘assignments’ after each session to demonstrate their understanding of the content of the sessions. So far 13 assignments have been submitted.

We are absolutely delighted with the engagement of the delegates – without exception they seem to be prepared to join in, commit time and energy and, essentially, learn. They all appear hungry for information.

The mix of delegates is extremely diverse – with a good mix of gender and ethnicity and a wide range of academic and employment experience. We have two people who have previously been Support Workers but have been out of the sector for many years. We have three people who work in administrative roles in the ‘care’ sector and want to get into support work. We have three people with personal experience of services – either for themselves or their immediate family. The others are from a range of employment/unemployment backgrounds with a passion for people (eg one man who has been an electrician but really wants to become a Support Worker).

We have covered topics such as:

  • Qualities of a Support Worker
  • Safeguarding
  • Professional Boundaries
  • Lone Working
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Inter-Agency Working.

We still need partner support. We need referrals for the next course and we need partner agencies to talk to delegates about their services and explain opportunities which may be available to delegates in partner agencies. Please support ‘Aspirations Training’ if you can.

Mark Baker – September 2016.


BARCA Leeds Hosted Blurring the Edges

Barca-Leeds and Lankelly hosted a conference “Blurring the Edges” in December at The Rose Bowl in Leeds. Mark Law (CEO of Barca-Leeds) and Julian Corner (CEO of Lankelly) presented at the conference which was introduced by James Rogers (Assistant Chief Executive Leeds City Council).

The conference focussed on the shift in commissioning towards a more integrated, person centric approach looking particularly at the main developments in Leeds, working as a team in Leeds to move this to the next level and the main challenges that we face and opportunities.

The conference was very well attended by key stakeholders and commissioners across the city and excellent feedback has been received. A follow up conference will be arranged this year.

Blurring the Edges – Presentation Powerpoints

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