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Friend of Barca-Leeds

Friends of Barca-Leeds

Become of Friend of Barca and support your local charity.

The Friends of Barca-Leeds is a yearly scheme for local people and businesses in West Leeds to support and donate to your largest local independent charity working in this area. In return for this donation you become friends of the charity and will be kept involved in good news stories, open days and invited to special events.

Why should we support a local charity? – Barca has been based in West Leeds for 18 years and we support children, young people, adults and communities on a range of mental and physical health issues that stem from deprivation.  Supporting and donating to the charity will ensure that the charity can continue to carry out this work for a further 18 years and beyond.

General Friends of Scheme

Friend of Barca-Leeds – donate a minimum of £50 and you will be sent regular e-bulletins and an invitation to our open day, as well as invitations to other events that Barca are holding.

Corporate Friends of Scheme

All corporate friends have information about their company on our website and information on how much they have donated to the charity. You are given a tour of our sites and an opportunity to come out to one of the projects to experience the good work that we do first hand.

Under £1000 donation – Bronze Friend – A framed certificate for your foyer, newsletters, invitations to our open day, invitation to our summer barbecue for up 2 people and invitation to our fundraiser dinner.

£1000 – £5000 – Silver Friend – A framed silver friend certificate for your foyer, newsletters, invitations to our open day, invitations to our Summer Barbecue for up 4 people and 4 invitations to our fundraiser dinner.

£5000 – £10,000 – Gold Friend – A framed Gold friend certificate for your foyer, regular newsletters, invitations to our open day, invitations to our Summer Barbecue for up 6 people and 4 invitations to our fundraiser dinner.

£10,000+ Patron of BARCA-Leeds – Patrons are given a plaque detailing your support of the charity for your foyer, invitations to open day, invitation to our summer barbecue for up 10 people and a table at our fundraiser dinner.

Why should a company donate?

If your company makes a qualifying donation of money to a charity, you can set the amount of donation off against your profits for Corporation Tax – potentially reducing your profits to nil, although you cannot use the donations to increase any losses.

If you’re a sole trader, or company is in a partnership, payments you make to charity may qualify as donations under the Gift Aid scheme. They’re personal donations so you won’t be able to set them against your profits for tax purposes. But Barca will be able to claim back the equivalent amount of tax on the donation at the basic rate.

 This is what your donation could be spent on.

£100 donation could be used towards 4 counselling sessions for young people or adults to help them learn coping mechanisms.

£500 donation could be used towards a half term project working with children and young people who live in vulnerable households using targeted play to help them gain positive experiences.

£1,000 donation could be used towards helping 1 young person at risk of offending make a positive change for 1 year through 1:1 support.

£5,000 donation could be used towards working with 1 adult to help them to become drug free through 1:1 support, group work activities and counselling.

£10,000 + donation could be used towards a new project enabling BARCA to help more people in West Leeds.

*these are all approximate prices

If you would like to become a friend of Barca-Leeds or would like more information then please contact Mark Law MBE – CEO Barca-Leeds



 Charlie’s Story

Charlie, 16, was frozen with anxiety. He couldn’t answer the phone. He didn’t dare walk to school. And he’d never been to the shops alone. With our support, Charlie picked a specific goal: to catch the bus to college – alone. Over many sessions, we gradually broke this down into steps that Charlie could cope with. We talked through his many fears (the bus could break down; the driver would have a heart attack; he’d get lost etc). He identified someone who could accompany him all the way, then only part of the way, and so on. Eventually, Charlie was able to catch the bus alone. The confidence he gained from this has had a dramatic impact on the rest of his life.

John’s story

 John had successfully come off heroin thanks to Barca-Leeds’s Community Drug Treatment Service. They had referred him to Reaching Out, because, like so many others, John’s drug use stemmed from trying to make sense of a history of trauma beyond his control. It took many weeks of therapy before John had enough emotional resilience to talk about what had happened to him: he had suffered years of sexual abuse. Weekly sessions gradually helped John to understand his behaviour. ‘In my darkest hours, you have been – and continue to be – my bridge to the future,’ he told us

Please become our friend and help us work with more people that need help like Charlie and John.

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