Healthy Living Services in the Community

Better Together in West Leeds

Barca delivers the Better Together service in West Leeds. This is funded by Public Health Leeds and is part of a city-wide service that is delivered by Health for All in South & East Leeds and a consortia led by Feel Good Factor in North Leeds.

Better Together will focus on the issues that lead to poor health, such as social isolation, and use a community development approach to work with individuals, groups and communities to help them improve their situation and live longer, healthier lives.

In West Leeds the Better Together work is prioritised on the most disadvantaged areas. One of our methods to work with the local community is by recruiting a team of Community Health Educators who help by providing information, ideas, activities and local social action.  One example is the Barca-Walkies group set up in Armley Park this April. A Better Together Community Health Educator brought together several individuals to form a dog walking group in the park. A Facebook group has helped the group to grow to over 30 people as more people join in, make new friends and organize activities. They organised a dog show at Armley Carnival and now the park is being better cared for with rubbish being tidied up and more people feeling that their park belongs to their community.

You can join in with lots of amazing activities, groups and events and find out what is going on by logging into Facebook and looking at the Better Together Project West Leeds Facebook Page


Wise Up To Cancer Project

Yorkshire Cancer Research is funding Barca to deliver a community health programme called ‘Wise Up To Cancer’

The aims of the project are to:

  • Reduce the number of people who get cancer by promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Ensure more people survive cancer by increasing participation in national screening programmes and raising awareness of signs and symptoms.

Four in 10 cancers could be prevented through lifestyle changes, such as not smoking, eating well, drinking less alcohol, being active and staying safe in the sun. Increasing the number of people diagnosed with cancer at an earlier stage can increase chances of survival.

This project delivers Wise Up To Cancer health checks in local West Leeds communities in community venues, workplaces and at community events. These look at lifestyle factors and help people to consider the risk factors and their lifestyles.

There are an estimated 10,563 people in Leeds West CCG living with or beyond cancer, with 30 people being diagnosed every week. Tens of thousands of people in the area currently participate in behaviours that are associated with an increased risk of developing cancer. 18.5{52755717dac476a16cdc6f1d8f08e3bdf6ab83600dc886b8298a950d5632852f} of the population – around 113,200 people – in Leeds are smokers, compared to the national average of 16.9{52755717dac476a16cdc6f1d8f08e3bdf6ab83600dc886b8298a950d5632852f}. The information collected during these checks will be analysed by Researchers at Leeds Beckett University to determine the impact of the health checks.



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