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Reaching Out – one to one

Reaching Out is a counselling service for adults living in the postcodes LS28, LS12 and LS13 of West Leeds. It is funded by the Big Lottery and provides one to one counselling for adults in these areas. If you are struggling with negative thoughts or trying to cope with a difficult issue or event in your life, no matter how long ago, then this service could help you.

“These counselling sessions have literally saved my life and that is no exaggeration. I dread to think what would happen to people in my position without this service being there. When it’s time to ring the crisis team, it is already too late. Things should be put in place way before that happens and it needs services like these to be there”. Reaching Out service user 2016.


Reaching supports people to develop by identifying, exploring and addressing the underlying causes of their problems through therapeutic counselling based work either in a one to one situation with a personal counsellor, or in a group situation. Through these activities we will support people to:

  • Identify their own issues and take responsibility and ownership of them
  • Take control of their situation by identifying and utilising techniques to support themselves
  • Be motivated to change their situation and improve their mental health and wellbeing
  • Reduce their social isolation and improve their sense of belonging to their / a community




Reaching Out – groups (LS28, LS12 and LS13)

  1. Barca runs an open group for men chat about things, in a safe and supportive group, that they wouldn’t usually feel able to do. The group is led by two trained therapists. Past issues that have been discussed are: positive and negative influences, anger, road rage, childhood experiences, making difficult decisions, general communication, relationships (at work and with partners, children and the wider family) and support networks. The first step is an informal one to one chat to explain more about the group and answer any questions. The group gets together on Fridays at Stanningley Fire Station
  2. The Positive Communications Group meets twice a week and is for people who might be lonely, perhaps living in high rise flats, or likely to be taken advantage of within their community and possibly depressed. The group is a topic based communication/discussion group where individuals are provided with a chance to have a voice and the group is run by a trained counsellor. The group has decided to set up a buddy system where they make sure each individual has somebody who will visit them or ‘look out for them’ so people don’t feel alone. They also organise their own trips (2 days residential in Scotland), educational training (a short course at the Northern College) and go out for meals. We find that group members get a massive boost in confidence and feel able to do more things. These groups meet in the New Wortley area.
  3. Mindfulness group – for anyone who needs to find ways to do more positive thinking and less negative thinking to help with stress, anxiety and depression. This group is led by a trained therapist and meets in Bramley.


Working in Schools with children, teenagers and families.

We offer one to one counselling and some family systemic therapy services in five schools clusters. This is part of the commissioned Mindmate Wellbeing service. We work in 5 schools clusters across the city: Inner East (Lincoln Green area), Bramley, ACES (Armley), Pudsey, Temple Newsam, BCM (Beeston, Cottingley and Middleton), Headingley and Kirkstall, JESS () and the citywide SiLCs cluster.



Barca-Leeds employs Counsellors to work within established multi-disciplinary Teams. All services are provided by an appropriately qualified practitioner with post qualification experience. Each Counsellor will have a range of appropriate experience and training in working with children and young people. They will also have an understanding of child development. All our counsellors work in line with their ethical framework and limits of confidentiality which is explained within a contract used between counsellor and client.

We offer one to one counselling using a range of modalities such as Relational, Humanistic, Integrative, Transactional Analysis, Person Centred, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Thera-play. In some Clusters we offer family systemic therapy services and child and family therapy.

Barca Leeds are currently commissioned as part of the Mindmate Wellbeing service to deliver therapeutic services to children, young people and families for 8 Clusters across the city: Inner East (Lincoln Green area), Bramley, ACES (Armley), Pudsey, Beeston Cottingley and Middleton, Temple Newsam, Headingley and Kirstall, JESS Cluster and the citywide SiLCs Cluster.



All our therapists are fully trained and experienced professionals, or supervised students in some instances, and work in accordance with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) ethical framework –

21 Years of Community Based Action
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