Children, Young People and Family Services

Barca’s Children and Young People’s Services are a broad range of services that (with partners), offer the most appropriate support to young people who face many different issues.

Why Children and Young People’s Services?

We help vulnerable young people avoid exclusion in all its guises so that they can fulfil their potential and be an asset to their families, the local community and the economy.

We provide young people with the opportunity to meet, have fun and engage in their community.



Youth Work

Our Youth Work Team offer a variety of services for young people aged 11-17yrs in West Leeds. We work with young people to raise aspirations, provide positive opportunities and key skills to build resilience for adulthood. The main aims for our targeted youth work service are:

  • Encourage positive activities and healthy lifestyles.
  • Support young people who are or may be at risk of being NEET (not in education or training).
  • Increase opportunities for ‘looked after’ children.
  • Promote positive sexual health.
  • Increase young people’s opportunity to voice, participate and influence their community.
  • Provide an alternative to anti-social behaviour and crime.

How do we work with Young People?

Each week we deliver 11 different sessions for young people aged 11-17 years through a mixture of centre based youth clubs, outreach sessions, drop in’s and targeted group work within the Bramley area.  All young people’s services are free and offer young people within the local community the opportunity to learn in an informal environment, access support or be signposted to other agencies for more specific support. Our services include:

  • A weekly youth work programme for young people to access
  • Sexual Health Drop In Services
  • Confidential Advice and Support
  • Group Work
  • Young People’s Outreach Sessions
  • Young Person’s Accreditation
  • Increasing Voice, Influence and Participation

In addition to the above Barca Leeds also have its very own V.I.P.’s who assist Barca Leeds with marketing, recruitment of staff, assisting with funding applications, assessing youth work groups and community projects.


For more information in relation to the youth work service or for a programme of delivery, consent form or volunteering opportunities please contact Andrea Webb, Senior Practitioner on: 0113 255 9582, e-mail or leave a message on Barca Leeds Facebook page. Click here to download the consent form.




We currently support around 250 young people each quarter! Unfortunately we cannot meet the demand to provide one-to-one support for all young people. We provide a small amount of one-to-one support for young people who are struggling with some aspect of their life for example; domestic violence, bullying or the victim of gangs. This is an area we are currently seeking funds.


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Motiv-8 NEET Pathways

The NEET Pathways team assist young people aged 16-17 years (school, years 12 and 13) who are not in any education, employment or training. The programme is able to offer young people activities as well as the opportunity to attend an accredited eight week course covering:

  • CV Writing.
  • Job Searches
  • Team Building
  • Interview techniques
  • Dressing for Success
  • Business Visits
  • Work Placements

Alongside or alternatively to the above programme young people can also access 1:2:1 support around self-esteem, body image, housing, substance and alcohol misuse, domestic violence and emotional well-being.


How do we work with Young People?

Young people will be allocated a NEET Engagement Worker who carry out an assessment of needs and then work alongside the young person to look at the circumstances of the individual and what help is needed to increase the likelihood of becoming EET (in education, employment or training), whether this is by attending appointments with young people, advocating for clients or increasing confidence and raising aspirations.

For more information please contact Andrea Webb, Senior Practitioner on: 0113 255 9582 or e-mail

Click here to download the NEET referral form.


Stronger Families Program

The programme will help 1081 participants across Bradford and Leeds who are facing challenges in being able to develop their skills, move towards the world of work and secure employment.

Read more about the program here:

Bradford Government Page.

Stronger Families Hub Flyer.


To get in touch please fill in this form, or get in touch with Sharon Kumar here:



Phone Number: 0113 386 9900



Emotional Well-Being Service

Service involves: One to one support for young people who are experiencing issues that are impacting on their emotional wellbeing such as low self-esteem, self-harm, and difficulties managing anger. We offer 6-8 weekly sessions which are tailored to the individual and delivered at a venue of their choice.

Criteria: Children and Young people must be aged between 11-17yrs and live in the Bramley area.

Contact – For more information please contact Amanda Sykes, 0113 2559582 

Please click here to download our Emotional Well-Being Referral Form.

Our Emotional Well-being Service are also delivering small group work sessions with children and young people aged 8-13yrs living in West Leeds who are affected by parental domestic violence. For more information on how to refer to this service please contact Amanda Sykes.


Youth Inclusion Project

Click here to see our latest Flyer for the Youth Inclusion Project

We support young people aged 8-13 years to find alternative choices to offending and anti-social behaviour.

The main aims of the service are:

  • Keep young people safe from harm.
  • Increase young people’s opportunity to voice, participate and influence their community.
  • Provide alternatives to anti-social behaviour and crime.
  • Increase access to positive opportunities
  • Support young people to achieve in school

To find out more about our Youth Inclusion Project please click here


Tea Time Club

Based at Broadlea Community Centre our weekly tea time club is for children aged 6-11 years.  The club is a great opportunity to engage in fun activities such as:

  • Physical and healthy activities
  • Arts and crafts
  • Team building
  • Pool and table tennis
  • Community projects

The group is to encourage young people to develop their life skills, becoming independent, raise aspirations, increase participation, improve attendance and enhance learning whilst encouraging a smooth transition to high school.

For more information please contact Andrea Webb, Senior Practitioner on: 0113 255 9582 or

Barca-Leeds says.

The impact of youth work is notoriously difficult to measure. But what we do makes a real difference to young people, their families and community. It’s not just about reducing rates of offending or anti-social behaviour. When I see a young person who thought they had nothing building their confidence, winning an award, achieving accredited learning, being able to speak up for themselves… that’s what we’re here for. I truly believe in young people. The community never forgets we’re here. Years later, young people we’ve worked with will drop by to say hello, introduce us to their own children or tell us about their new job.


Facts and figures.

  • 32 young people per week engaged in our Youth Work programme
  • Barca Connexions works with around 16 young people per week on a 1:1 basis
  • Barca Youth Clubs are open-door services. Around 20 young people attend each twice-weekly session.


How we could grow the service

Future services will be developed specifically around the needs of young people with a local cluster of schools.

Andrew’s story

Andrew, 15, often attended a local youth club. One day, he approached one of the youth workers to ask whether they might get together elsewhere instead. Over the next few weeks, Andrew and his friends, with the help of the youth worked, planned a day trip to Scarborough. They had to check train times, work out a budget, research what to do there, do a risk assessment, arrange permission forms, hold meetings and make decisions as a team. The Scarborough trip came and went; the skills Andrew picked up are permanent.

Sarah’s story

When the youth work van began to park up and open its doors in her neighbourhood, Sarah, 16, came along to say hello to the youth workers. Sometimes she would sit inside and have a chat. On other occasions, she would just watch a DVD or play a game. Sarah’s self-confidence was very low. ‘I’ll never get a job,’ she would say. ‘I can’t do anything. I’m rubbish.’ As Sarah’s trust in the youth workers grew, they were able to challenge her negative view of herself. Sarah eventually asked about volunteer work, and the workers were able to arrange this. Later, they helped Sarah apply for college. Sarah now works as a nursery nurse.

Josh’s story

The detached youth workers first came across Josh when he was 13. He was identified as one of the top 50 most vulnerable young people in the area. Josh, who was easily influenced by his peers, was associating with known offenders, and so was at risk of moving into the criminal justice system. The detached workers slowly but steadily built up their relationship with Josh. Eventually, Josh allowed them to help him apply for a building apprenticeship, which he got. Now that Josh has skills ranging from carpentry and joinery to brick work, his prospects are much more positive. This process took the best part of eight years.


Team: Talent Match


Talent Match is a project supporting young people 18-24yrs overcome barriers to employment and help them gain the skills they need to get in to work.


  • 18-24yr olds
  • They must have been unemployed for 12 months (or worked under 16 hours a week).
  • Live in West (but we can signpost to other areas of the city)

Service includes:

  • One-to-one support
  • Home visits
  • Employability Skill Workshops
  • Finance and Housing Support
  • Advocating for young people
  • Signposting to relevant service if required

To refer to the service please email

Click here to view our Talent Match Leaflet.

Click here to download our Talent Match Referral form.


Team: Targeted Family Support Service


Supporting families with children aged 5-16yrs who are affected by parental drug and alcohol misuse.


  • Current or previous parental drug or alcohol use
  • Families live in West/North West Leeds
  • There is a child in the family aged between 5-16yrs

Service Includes:

  • Access to positive opportunities
  • One-to-one support
  • Positive family experiences including family group sessions and outings
  • Issue based group work
  • Sibling work
  • General family support to improve outcomes for children and young people

To refer please contact

Click here to download our Targeted Family Support Service Referral Form.

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