Youth Inclusion Project

‘Working with children and families to build resilience; Reducing risk around offending and anti-social behaviour’


Barca-Leeds has delivered Youth Inclusion Projects for over 8 years. The service will primarily focus on inner city clusters with evidence of high levels of offending, social exclusion and anti-social behaviour.



Who is the service for?

Children and young people aged 8-13 years identified by partner agencies as being most at risk of offending, anti-social behaviour or exclusion from education. (Plus their families where appropriate)

Referral Sources and Criteria

Referrals will be accepted from Cluster Support and Guidance, Safer Schools Officers, LASBT, YOS and CSWS.

The service will support children and young people who are :

  • At risk of offending or anti-social behaviour
  • At risk of becoming NEET through permanent exclusion
  • NEET
  • At risk of entering care
  • Significant police involvement with family members and negative peer group

Referrals will be accepted either using a Cluster support and guidance request form or YIP specific referral form.

To make a referral to the Youth Inclusion Project please fill in the YIP Referral Form 2014 and email it to

What can young people expect?

  • A named key worker who will support them through the service
  • Support to develop an action plan looking at strengths and barriers
  • Access to one to one support to remove barriers that may be impacting on them (e.g. negative peer group, emotional issues, drug/alcohol use)
  • Access to issue based group work (e.g. managing anger, positive choices, improving self -esteem)
  • Access positive activities in their area

What intervention will we provide?

We will offer a menu of one-to-one support, issue based group work and diversionary positive activities. The quantity of which for each child/young person may vary depending on the needs that are identified as at the assessment process. The action plan and progress goals will be identified by the child/young person and YIP practitioner. This can link with CAF/CSWS plans that may also be in place.

What will the service achieve?

We will measure impact of intervention by seeking to achieve a reduction of risk factors from initial assessment and action planning this may include:

  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour
  • Improved school attendance
  • Improved school attainment
  • Improved behaviours (school/socially)
  • Recorded feedback from children, young people and families

Contact Information

For further details please contact:

Gemma Williams

Youth Inclusion Project Manager

0113 2899259



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